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Ambasadorul Han Chunlin a publicat un articol semnat în revista „Nine O’Clock”


Pe 9 ianuarie, Ambasadorul Han Chunlin a publicat un articolîn limba engleză intitulat „People First, Life First Is Unchanged in China’s COVID Policy” în revista locală din România „Nine O’Clock”. Textul integral este după cum urmează:

Recently, China’s COVID policy has entered a new stage, and the focus of our response has shifted to “safeguarding people’s health and preventing severe cases”. This is the latest demonstration of China’s science-based and targeted COVID policy, as well as China’s sustained commitment to the “people first, life first” philosophy.

In the past three years, the Chinese government has, based on facts, the evolving situation and its national realities, formulated science-based and targeted COVID policy that serves the interests of the vast majority of the Chinese people.  China has won three valuable “window periods”, in which the toxicity of the new COVID variant continued to decline, the capacity for drugs research and development and medical treatment further improved, and the population got widely vaccinated. Therefore, China has effectively responded to five global COVID waves and avoided the widespread infections with the original strain and the Delta variant, which greatly reduced the number of severe cases and deaths. We have provided maximum protection to people’s lives and health and minimized COVID’s impact on socioeconomic development.

Starting from January 8, the Chinese government treats COVID-19 as a Class-B instead of Class-A infectious disease in accordance with the law, and simultaneously implement the provisional measures on cross-border travel. This science-based decision was made after a comprehensive evaluation of the evolving situation of the epidemic, i.e. the majority of the Chinese population has been vaccinated and the Chinese government has accumulated ample containment experience. It is also a responsible move to respond to people’s expectation to put more focus on daily life, work, study and livelihood, and embodies China’s idea of putting people and their lives above all else. The adjustment does not mean doing nothing, but strengthening our management system, optimizing supporting measures and services to those in need.

Countries adjusting the COVID policy would invariably go through a period of adaptation.  China is no exception. Relevant Chinese departments have worked actively to beef up medical resources, set up a multi-tiered and category-based diagnosis and treatment mechanism, increased the production capacity and supply of medicines, strengthened the capacity of local health and medical institutions, mobilized all resources to protect vulnerable groups and do everything possible to reduce severe cases and deaths. At present, China’s COVID situation on the whole remains steady and under control. Life and work are gradually coming back to normal, travel around the country is warming up, and the familiar hustle and bustle has come back to the streets and alleys in China.

According to the provisional measures on cross-border travel, nucleic acid tests will no longer be conducted on China-bound travelers upon arrival, and travelers who test positive will not be required for quarantine. The refined policy on cross-border travel is good news for China and the whole world including Romania. With unleashed economic potential and vitality, China will continue to inject new impetus to the stability and fluidity of the international supply chain and industry chain, the mutually beneficial cooperation between countries, as well as the confidence in global economy. We also hope that all countries will work together to ensure the safe cross-border travel of Chinese and foreign nationals with science-based measures, and make shared contributions to the fight against the epidemic and the recovery of world economy.

Fondată în 1991, revista „Nine O’clock” este în prezent cel mai mare ziar în limbă engleză din România.

Sursa: Ambasada Republicii Populare Chineze în România

Last modified: 16/01/2023

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